Tuesday, April 27, 2004


Sammy and I are extremely frustrated at the continuous postponements of the opening of Suzanne Paul’s new venture, Rawaka. Being entertained by proud remnants of a once noble race performing show tunes while learning how to deploy hair accessories in a multitude of innovative ways is the sort of value-added investment that will put this country out of the economic mire in which the Prime Minister has dumped it, and provide Maoris with some pin money to spend on taro and such.
But I’ve told Sammy we’ll eschew the buffet and be doing show only. He can take his own sandwiches after what happened at Valentine’s last week on my birthday.

Goodness that lass - Mary Something - on Checkpoint had me on the hop last night in an interview about Tariana Turia. Throwing me curly ones on Cabinet procedures and collective responsibility and ministerial duties. Sammy could barely turn the pages of the Parliamentary manual fast enough to find me the answers to her rapid-fire questions Fortunately my habitually sedate delivery bought him more than enough time. My performance must have been particularly good, as I see some of my quotes were used today in a press release from the National Party.

Sammy says his idea of a hikoi is getting from the couch to the fridge for another diet Fanta during the ads on NZ Idol. Then he said why did they march over the bridge instead of round the foreshore since they think they bloody own it! He’s a card that Sammy - should be on Game of Two Cafes.

The phrase for today is ‘Rawaka’ - but wait there’s …no hang on … could you wait a little longer?

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